The company - Summary, Inc. (the "Company") is a Washington based internet company listed on the Nasdaq, which provides full business of internet services including Internet Service Providers ("ISPs"), Internet Content Providers ("ICPs"), Content Service Providers ("CSP's"), and e-Business and e-Commerce solutions to government entities, private enterprises and individuals in China. The Company has ability to provide the above services in both Chinese and English through its wholly owned and fully registered Chinese subsidiary operation, Beijing QinNet Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. seeks to become a leading company in China that can provide high quality Internet service in key areas using a unified brand name. It seeks to establish first mover advantages, while recognizing that the Chinese Internet market has significant differences in comparison to western Internet models.

Strong management teams in both North America and China ensures the's operation to achieve its goal of becoming one of the major and fastest growing internet providers in China.'s management, backed by western education and expertise, has significant experience in the area of Chinese and North American information technology. Well-connected and well-qualified local partners who understand local, provincial and national business procedures in China will significantly assist the Company's plan. Together, the combined management teams have a strong and broad network across China.