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  • center.com is the ISP operation of the Center Group, China's largest VAR of Legend Computers. Center will be the linchpin of qinnet.com's Beijing operation. The business plan involves significantly increasing Center's current dial-up subscriber base and focusing on ICP operations - Center has strong links with the Chinese goverment agency - responsible for over 15,000 Chinese state-owned companies.


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    Signing ceremony


    At the signing ceremony, Jackson Hong (left, president of Beijing QinNet Co.,LTD) and Liao Lichun (right, president of Beijing Center Electronics Technology Co.,LTD.) are signing the agreement.

    (Back row from left) James Jiang (director of Beijing QinNet), Chris MacPherson (Investor), Andy Edelmeier (Investor), Scott Houghton (Investor), Weiguo Lang, (vice chairman of QinNet.com), Liu Li (director of the Information Center, China Economic & Trade Commission), a senior consultant of Beijing Center Electronics Technology Co.,LTD.